дом 123 м2 - 6 269грн/м.кв
Фахверк дом - 15500грн/метр
Рассрочка на строительство 12 месяцев
Factory Eco House

Production and delivering of fast fabricated houses from ecologically clean materials Premium, Business and Econom classes.

Construction technologies of the XXI century, developing in accordance with the requirements of the customer, came to an inexpensive, ecologically clean, pre-fabricated homes. In contrast to the brick, concrete buildings, such houses have the following advantages:

Factory Eco House
Wall panels are manufactured in the factory on the equipment WEINMANN with numerical software.
Concept WEINMANN production lines aimed at the most a more complete training elements of walls, floors, roof panels at the factory with high accuracy for the subsequent rapid construction of the building. Automated production lines give the same high quality at all stages of production. At the core of the wall panel frame used from the calibrated timber softwood dried in a microwave drying chambers, which ensures high strength of the wall structure and the ideal geometry. All the engineers and workers involved in the production cycle, are highly qualified specialists. Manufacturing and construction of houses being under constant quality control.


-wood-frame house is much easier to brick and put on piles;
-for the construction of a frame house requires much less trees than for a house made of wood (timber or wild frame);
-construction of a wooden frame house requires fewer workers;
-wood frame house can be dismantled, carry and lay down again in a new place;
-wood-frame houses more maintainable in case of defeat in war or natural disasters;
-the price of the wooden frame house more accessible. 


These homes are valued not so much for such an important factor as speed of construction, many of the qualities of rationality, efficiency, high energy efficiency, living comfort, ease of use, environmental friendliness, ease of repair, and in some cases even mobility.       
1. Production and delivering of fast fabricated houses from ecologically clean materials Premium, Business and Economy  classes.
2. Production and delivering of prefabricated buildings for hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, offices and other business facilities.
3. Organization of assembly sets of houses at the customer territory.
4. Service organization mounted sets of houses for the benefit of the customer.
5. Opening representation of the plant.
6. Access to the markets of POLAND, NORWAY, ENGLAND, and other states in the region.

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